2100 Explorer Drill Tractor Mounted for Extra Versatility

This multi-purpose 4 x 4 tractor mounted machine with good road speed has the ability to go almost anywhere.

The 2100 Explorer drill a powerful, light weight machine.  Built for those locations where a compact machine is required but more power is needed for deeper drilling. This simple, easy to maintain drill is designed and built in Australia for tough operating conditions. Depending on the options fitted the machine can be used for:

  • Solid and hollow auger
  • Diamond drilling
  • Rotary air blast (RAB)
  • Mud circulation
  • Reverse circulation (RC)
  • Vacuum drilling.



Base drill specifications:


  • Hollow spindle head offset drive 1: 1.78 ratio
  • High torque option 120 Rpm
  • Maximum Torque 2,000 Nm
  • Low torque up to 1,000  rpm
  • 2.1m Stroke (3.3 option)
  • Ram head activation with 2:1 chain system
  • 3,600 Kg pull back
  • 2,400 Kg Push down
  • RHS style mast
  • Fine feed
  • Hold back
  • Hydraulic mast raise
  • Standard rod guide 152 mm
  • Standard open control console
  • All hydraulic operation
  • Sub frame for tractor
  • Remote throttle stop
  • Dump mast and cradle 760mm dump travel
  • Foot extension
  • Rear levelling jack
  • Front mounted hydraulic tank
  • Parts manual for Drill




  • Front jack
  • Winch
  • Water pump


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