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3300 Drill

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Technical Data




The 3300 Drill is the next step up from the versatile 2100 machine.  Built for those locations where a compact machine is still required but more power is needed for deeper drilling.  Originally manufactured as a truck mounted machine the 3300 Drill  can be fitted to a range of carriers including the truck, 4×4 agricultural tractor, tracks or modular skid mounted for helicopter or barge work.

Similar to all the drills in the 101 range, depending on the options fitted, you can use it with a range of down the hole (DTH) drilling systems for:

  • Solid and hollow auger
  • Diamond drilling
  • Rotary air blast (RAB)
  • Mud circulation
  • Reverse circulation (RC)

Changing between the different types of drilling procedures is a simple and quick operation.


Base 3300 drill consist of:

3.3 m Stroke 4,800 kg pull back 3,600 kg push down 2200 Nm torque at 120 rpm Single speed head with interchangeable motors Off set head with 1:1 78 reduction and 4” ID hollow spindle Manual swing away head for full hole access

  • Feed speed control
  • Bit weight control
  • Standard open control console
  • Standard channel RHS mounting
  • Standard surface finish
  • Fixed fluid line and valve but no swivels
  • 50 Hp engine 90 litre fuel tank
  • Auto shut down for high engine temp and low oil
  • Remote throttle and stop

straight fluid filled vertical hole.  Actual depths will depend on ground conditions and operator efficiency.

CAPACITY (guide only Standard pull back)

  • NQ                    250 m
  • 4” open hole   120 m
  • 6” OD augers    20 m

Based on a clean straight fluid filled vertical hole.  Actual depths will depend on ground conditions and operator efficiency.



The multipurpose 3300 Drill has a wide range of applications including but not limited to:

  1. Geotechnical sampling: using augers, conventional coring (NMLC) wireline coring or wash boring to obtain samples. While still compact in design, extra power gives the drill the ability to do deeper holes. The stronger tower and winch extension make it a perfect machine for SPT testing.
  2. Environmental sampling: an ideal machine for taking the deeper or larger diameter samples, the small size coupled with the power available, allow a large range of sampling to be done with one machine, while keeping the disturbance to the area surrounding the hole to a minimum. This drill is a practical machine for setting the wide range of down the hole testing equipment.
  3. Mineral exploration: the versatile nature of the 2100 makes the drill an economical multipurpose machine for mineral sampling. With simple changes to the configuration, the machine can quickly be set up for diamond drilling, RAB or RC. With the 3-meter stroke, many of our clients have found this machine to be perfect for Air Core type drilling.  The 100mm hollow spindle allows a wide range of drilling tools to be fitted to the drill head.  One model configuration of the drill has been designed to be run from the PTO of the carrier, giving the drill compact mobility.  Because of the harsh nature of the terrain encountered in the mineral exploration, the 3300 Drill has been mounted on a diverse range of carriers including, trucks, tractors, tracks, trailer, barge and helicopter modules.
  4. Water wells: By fitting the 101 side entry swivel under the head or a large diameter fluid swivel on to the head wash pipe, larger fluid volumes are able to be pumped down the hole without significant pressure drop. The increased power and only slightly larger foot print than the 2100 make the 3300 Drill well suited for applications where there are still access problems and the least possible disturbance to the drill site is required, but deeper holes or larger diameter are necessary.

With the standard options available, the 3300 Drill can be customized to suit your particular application and carrier requirements.

Options and Tooling:

  • 500 Kg wireline winch and extension to give 6.5 under the sheaves
  • 2,000 Kg winch, brake and extension
  • Hydraulic head slide
  • Simple Angle drilling frame
  • Tower dump and cradle
  • Fully encased levelling jacks and valving
  • Hydraulic assist Rod Breakout
  • Diamond speed motor up to 1,000 Rpm and fittings
  • Two speed head
  • Oil cooler and fittings
  • FMC EO4 piston pump 61 L/m at 38 bar with speed control
  • Injection pump Silvan AS71 hose, fittings and plumbing
  • Swing up operator’s platform
  • Additional Pull out up to 5,200 kg depending on engine selection
  • Engines up to 90 hp for extra torque and pull out
  • Truck tray
  • Tandem trailer
  • Heli portable kit
  • Tracks

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