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2100 Drills

Track mounted exploration RC drill
Track mounted 2100 environmental drill
Tractor Vacuum Drill
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Technical Data




With a small footprint the 2100 Explorer drill has proven technology as a practical drill for those locations where a compact machine is required but more power is needed for deeper drilling, The drill is simple to use and easy to maintain.  Designed and built in Australia for tough operating conditions.

Depending on the options fitted the machine can be used for:

  • Solid and hollow auger
  • Diamond drilling
  • Rotary air blast (RAB)
  • Mud circulation
  • Reverse circulation (RC)
  • Vacuum drilling





  •  33 Hp water cooled Diesel engine (std, minimum, depending on the options)


  • Gear pumps and motors (standard)
  • Piston Load sense (option)


  • 2.1 m stroke (standard)
  • 3,600 kg pull back
  • Fine feed
  • Bit weight control
  • Oil cooler
  • Foot extension
  • Standard rod guide mx 152 mm



    • Environmental Sampling
    • Geotechnical Testing
    • Mineral Exploration

Options and Tooling:

      • 12-hour fuel tank
      • Primary water filter for fuel
      • Dump mast and cradle 760 mm dump travel
      • Hydraulic winch and sheaves to allow 6.5 m under the sheaves
      • 100 mm Hollow Spindle rotary head
      • FMC EO4 high pressure pump 68 l/m, relief valve & suction hose with strainer and foot valve
      • Cameron type fluid pressure gauge plumb into fluid line
      • AS 71 pump, hosing, pressure gauge
      • Hydraulic jacks and controls
      • 3.3 m stroke mast
      • Tilting rod box (truck mounting only)
      • Simple single rod clamp foot plate and mounting
      • Hydraulic assist Wrench
      • Double clamp rotating
      • Additional high-speed motor for Diamond drilling supplied loose with fittings
      • Slide out Engineers Vice
      • Fluid lines including Tee and valving air and water circulation
      • Rain cover for Engine
      • Semi-automatic rod handling (truck mounting only)
      • Compressor Sullair 375 cfm x 150 Psi 2 wheel trailer for towing
      • PTO Compressor (up to 200 Psi), clutch, belt drive pump, larger engine
      • Engine options to suit existing fleet
      • Helicopter transport version with tracks
      • `79 Series Toyota cab chassis (left or right hand drive) with purpose built tray
      • Other mountings, including track, truck, tractor, tailer, man portable, etc.
      • Engine options to suit existing fleet
      • 100 mm ID hollow spindle
      • Single speed
      • Up to 1000 rpm (diamond speed)
      • Up to 2,500 Nm torque
6” OD augers 20 m
N size drill string 150 m
4” open hole 75 m

Based on clean straight fluid filled vertical hole.  Actual depths will depend on ground conditions and operator efficiency.

      • 32370 – Custom Toyota Tray to adjust axle loading
      • 31678 – Roof racks for spare tyre
      • 31679 – Roof rack mounts pair
      • 31680 – GVM up-grade spring kit (supply only)
      • 31730 – Bellows suspension kit (supply only)
      • Suspension upgrade can be fitted in our factory or supplied loose for fitting on site
        • Under deck storage
        • Underdeck water
Oil Filter 10
Fuel filter 10
Air filter 10
Sump plug 5
Hydraulic return line filter 2
CAV fuel filter element 10
Head Motor seal kit 1
Water Pump 1
Water pump gasket 1
Fan belt 2
Thermostat 1
Thermostat gasket 5
Radiator cap 2
Top radiator hose 1
Bottom radiator hose 1
Bypass hose 1
Rocket cover gasket 5
Oil filler cap 1
Oil filler cap gasket 5
Fuel pump stop solenoid 1
Stop solenoid washer 5
Fuel lift pump 1
Fuel lift pump gasket 3
Engine coolant 20
Coolant level sender 1
Starter motor 1
Alternator 1
Fan assembly for hydraulic cooler 1
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