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Eziprobe Drills

Eziprobe Drills
Eziprobe Drills
Eziprobe Drills
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Technical Data




This compact drill is ideal for the contractor wanting to both push probe and shallow auger with one drill.  The compact size enables it to be mounted on to a number of different carriers.  Available in 2 models, either the economical Centurion and the versatile Trojan.



    • fixed drill head
    • The machine must be moved to change drilling systems


Trojan head


    • slide allows both systems to alternate without moving the drill
    • A winch can also be fitted and operated for SPT, samples

Base drill

  • Stroke             1700 mm
  • Pull back         4,500 kgf
  • HD Hammer   2,100 blows per minute (variable)
  • Hammer anvil 1 1/8 hex
  • Rotation Thrust box style
    • Speed     100 Rpm
    • Torque    1,500 Nm
  • Output 1 1/8 hex box connection
  • Spring centred controls
  • Fast retract for drill string
  • Fine feed
  • Safety Screen



  • 79 Series Toyota Landcruiser Cab chassis with purpose built tray and suspension upgrade
  • Heavy duty single axle trailer Treg hitch
  • 4 x 4 Agricultural tractor
  • Light truck
  • Centurion only: Mini skid steer (using the carrier hydraulics)


Power pack for tray mounting

  • Engine
    • 29 Hp Petrol
    • 25 Hp Diesel
  • 20 litre fuel tank
  • Pump mount
  • Double hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic tank
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Separate power pack frame
  • Remote throttle
  • Emergency Stop at the operators console
  • Battery isolation switch
  • Geminiani/Perkins engine silence enclosure



Ideal machine for environmental and Geotechnical sampling, this compact drill is ideal for the contractor wanting to both push probe and shallow auger with one drill.

Options and Tooling:

  • Rod centraliser
  • Hollow spindle head for Diamond drilling (Motor but no swivels or tooling)
  • Light hydraulic winch, sheaves and hydraulics
  • Storage base plate for skid steer version
  • Tray tooling storage
  • Commissioning and training
  • Down the hole tooling including :
    • MC5 push probe
    • DT 325
    • SPT
    • Auger
    • RAB
    • Diamond

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