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101 Sampling Solutions Pty Ltd is manufacturer and supplier of drilling rigs and equipment for environmental soil sampling, agricultural soil testing, geo-technical testing, mineral exploration, earth stake, ground anchor installation and shallow water wells. Using their base machines and standard options, 101 is able to custom build a drill to suit your “particular drilling application”.

With over 45 years’ experience, both in Australia and overseas, using a range of different drilling disciplines in the industry, design, manufacturing and on the leavers, 101 team is confident to make a difference and help you find the right equipment for you and your business requirements.

We can help you to find the right equipment for you and your business requirements by building small drills for hard logistical locations. To this end 101 has focused on 5 main modules:

the easy mount and affordable Meredith Sampler,

the light weight 1750 Scout,

the 2100 Explorer,

the 3300 Drill and

the Eziprobe.

All machines are multi-purpose and have a range of options enabling the end user to have a purpose built machine from standard components. This enables the operator to start with the base model in the range, adding the options, as necessary, when the work requirements change, keeping the investment to a minimum.

For Geo-technical and environmental work, 101 manufactures and supplies a range of push tube and small hand held soil sampling machines and tooling that includes solid and hollow augers.

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