Meredith Sampler

Designed as a light weight, cost-effective machine for the contractor or consultant who only needs to do fast, economical, shallow holes. Although designed to drill to 10 m the optimum depth is 1 ½ to 2 m for both Auger Sampling and MC 5 Push Probe holes. The drilling method is altered by changing the bolt on head to either a hammer or auger drive.

Both these options are easily fitted with the minimum of tools and equipment.

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  • Pull back is 3,500 Kg
  • Push down 2,000 kg (depending on the carrier)
  • Rotation speed for the auger 120 Rpm
  • Blow frequency for the hammer 1,700 Bpm
  • The Auger configuration has a safety screen to prevent accidental contact with the rotating drill string and a guide for 3 ½ (nominal) augers
  • The mast is weighted to be easily manually raised
  • Drilling loads are taking on the mast via an adjustable foot


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